7 Refreshing Summer Camping Ideas to Beat the Heat

Camping is an exhilarating experience, and proper planning can elevate it to new heights of enjoyment. 

To make the most of your outdoor adventure, it’s essential to plan activities, pack the right gear, and savor delicious meals at your campsite. We’ve prepared the following summer camping ideas that are guaranteed to help you make the most out of your adventure:


Discover hidden treasures on your camping trip with letterboxing! These containers with logbooks are cleverly hidden in public places like campgrounds. Find them using clues and leave your mark with a stamp.

Make S’mores

Make camping with your kids extra delicious with s’mores! These tasty campfire treats are loved by everyone, not just children. You can learn how to make them by following a recipe online so you can enjoy a classic campfire snack.

Use Trick Candles for Starting Campfires

Light campfires effortlessly with a fun trick! Grab some relighting candles, the ones that keep reigniting after being blown out. Pack them for your next camping adventure, and you’ll have an easier time starting a fire even in windy conditions.

Substitute Yoga Mats for Sleeping Pads

No sleeping pad? No problem! Use a yoga mat instead. Place it under your sleeping bag for a comfortable alternative. 

Yoga mats can be a cost-effective substitute for sleeping pads, especially if you’re looking to purchase one.

Create Hands-free Lighting

Need hands-free light in the dark? Try this simple hack: Wrap a headlamp around an empty plastic jug and secure it to a tree. Now you can see where you’re going while keeping your hands free. 

Start a Fire Using Corn Chips

Running low on sticks for your campfire? In a pinch, you can use corn chips like Doritos or Fritos as a fire starter. The grease in these snacks helps ignite the fire easily. 

However, avoid using them for the entire fire as grease fires produce excessive smoke.

Make Coffee Bags on the Go

No need to bring a coffee maker while camping. Here’s a simple trick: take a filter, add a few spoonfuls of ground coffee, and seal it with a string to make coffee bags. Steep these bags in hot water, similar to tea, and enjoy your favorite brewed coffee while camping!

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