Essential Safety Gear for a Secure Camping Experience

While camping is generally safe and enjoyable, it’s always wise to be prepared for emergencies, especially when you’re far from civilization with limited cell service.

That said, here are the essential safety gear you should bring with you while camping:

2-Pack Frontiersman Bear Spray

When it comes to bear spray, having two cans is better than one. You don’t want to encounter a wild animal only to run out of spray. 

These Frontiersman cans are highly visible in orange and have a range of approximately 9 meters. They also feature glow-in-the-dark safety clips for easy locating during nighttime situations.

Goal Zero Lighthouse 600 Lantern

Experience the versatility of this lamp that offers area lighting on one side and focused light for detailed work on the other. What makes it even better is its dual charging capability. 

You can conveniently recharge it via USB or use the hand crank on the side, ensuring continuous usage even in remote locations. 

Fox 40 Classic Safety Whistle

These safety whistles are incredibly popular for a reason. They are impressively loud, reaching a volume of 115dB, which can be heard from up to a mile away. 

Additionally, they are available in a wide range of highly visible colors and are known for their reliable construction. When it comes to safety, these whistles are a trusted choice, ensuring you can attract attention when needed.

Adventure Medical Kits

This kit is equipped with labeled pockets and a quick reference guide for easy and prompt use in case of an injury. The instructions are conveniently provided in both languages, and it also features a reflective logo so it can be easily located in low-light conditions.

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