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Forest Special Event Permit Rates

Organizations that wish to hold special events in the Ganaraska Forest are required to obtain a Special Event Permit. Examples of special events that have been organized in the past are:

  • Off-road motorcycle or ATV rides, organized by local club
  • Mountain bike races
  • Club horse back rides
  • Orienteering challenges

These events can be hosted on a Saturday or Sunday or may span the entire weekend. The cost of permits depends on the size of the group (HST is included) and whether it is a non-profit or for profit event. Check our Availability Calendar to pre-plan your activity.

The first step in obtaining a Special Event Permit is to complete an application. Applications should be submitted a minimum of three weeks prior to the event date. An insurance certificate indicating liability coverage, a map showing which trails will be used and a description of any markers used to mark the route are required before a Special Event Permit is issued.

Ganaraska Forest Special Event Application Form

Type of Event Number of Participants Cost
Hiking 0-25 $75
26-50 $100
51+ $125
Mountain Biking 0-25 $100
26-50 $200
51+ $300
Horseback Riding 0-25 $100
26-50 $200
51+ $300
Motorized use 0-25 $300
26-50 $400
51+ $600