VolunteeringThe Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority (GRCA) works to ensure that local watersheds, lakes, wetlands, woodlands, and natural habitats are conserved, managed and restored. The conservation authority develops and maintains programs that protect life and property from natural hazards, such as flooding and erosion and works to provide opportunities for the public to enjoy, learn from and respect the region’s natural environment.

The GRCA relies on a high degree of voluntary effort to expand and improve programs and to make our delivery of service unique and successful. Program volunteers are responsible to GRCA staff for their performance and project supervisors will determine if a volunteer should be denied volunteer privileges. Volunteers are expected to maintain the GRCA’s high quality of service and to conduct themselves in a professional, helpful manner at all times. Volunteers agree to support the GRCA without expectation of remuneration or special consideration. The GRCA supports its volunteers by providing training and guidance in their program areas.

With over 11,000 acres of forest and conservation lands that include an extensive trail network, the Ganaraska Forest provides incredible opportunities for outdoor recreation, education and resource management. Volunteer opportunities may include patrolling the forest for user’s proper documentation, trail maintenance and site restoration, public education programs, guided hikes, and special events.

Volunteer opportunities may also be available through the GRCA’s watershed services program for environmental monitoring and/or stewardship programs such as tree planting, Yellow Fish Road and other community public events.

The first step in being considered for a volunteer position is the completion of a Volunteer Application and Liability Waiver.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the GRCA.

Trail Maintenance Program

The Ganaraska Forest is host to hundreds of kilometres of recreational trails comprised of single-track, dual track and forest roads all of which are located throughout many areas within the West, Central and East Forests. Maintaining this vast trail network is supported through assistance from volunteer groups and organizations. Consider volunteering today!

For additional information, download the Ganaraska Forest Trail Maintenance Program Flyer

What is a Ganaraska Forest Trail Maintenance Agreement?

Under an Agreement, volunteer groups and organizations are able to carry out trail maintenance to support recreational opportunities within the Ganaraska Forest, which would otherwise be prohibited under the Conservation Authorities Act. Such activities include cutting or removing plant material and maintaining trail surfaces.

How to apply:

Please request a Ganaraska Forest Trail Maintenance Application form from the Ganaraska Forest Recreation Technician at evanosch@grca.on.ca or by calling 905-885-8173 x 325.