Ganaraska Forest Closed Until Further Notice

For Immediate Release, June 3, 2022, Ganaraska Watershed – The Ganaraska Forest continues to be closed to all users until further notice. On May 21, 2022, the Ganaraska Forest experienced a significant Derecho storm event. Early assessments suggest this was the largest natural disaster to impact the Ganaraska Forest since it was established in 1947. Downed trees and safety hazards have been found on nearly every trail that staff have been able to access. In addition, an estimated 400+ acres of the Ganaraska Forest have experienced severe blowdown damage.

The core of the Ganaraska Forest remains largely inaccessible. GRCA staff continue to assess the extent of damage from ground level, and aerial surveys were completed to identify significant blowdown areas, that are presently inaccessible from the ground. GRCA forestry staff will be organizing a salvage harvest in these blowdown areas soon. Summer staff have been hired to support GRCA staff in assessment and recovery efforts. The focus is to clear GRCA forest roads while continually surveying the Ganaraska Forest for blowdowns and hazardous conditions. All offers of help from the public are greatly appreciated, unfortunately the Ganaraska Forest is too hazardous in its current state to use volunteers. The use of volunteers will remain a consideration as recovery and cleanup progresses.

Ganaraska Forest re-opening cannot be predicted at this time. All current Ganaraska Forest memberships will be extended by the length of time that the Ganaraska Forest is closed due to impacts of the storm. The GRCA continues to enforce the closure of the Ganaraska Forest, and no access is being granted.

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation during these challenging times. Please monitor the website and Facebook page “Ganaraska Conservation” for updates.

For more information about the Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority, please call 905. 885.8173 or visit